Thank you for your interest in being a part of our growing team. Check out the different opportunities below and feel free to click on any that interest you. Once you complete any of the applications, we'll reach out with our next monthly group call so you can learn more about us and have an opportunity to ask questions!


Do you enjoy writing helpful, encouraging, scientific-based or autoimmune-specific articles? If so, then this opportunity is for you. We would love to publish a few of your original articles or a small series of articles to benefit over 6,000 followers here at Autoimmune Sisters.


      • Attend a video call with Aimee, the Autoimmune Sisters founder to discuss different article opportunities.
      • Submit original content only for your article(s) based on your topic and schedule commitment
      • Create shareable graphics for us to use on Instagram, Instagram stories and Pinterest (of course, we can help you with creating graphics too).


There are more than 150+ Autoimmune Diseases and each disease is represented on our website in order to best help website visitors find the information they need for their diagnosis. What makes our site so unique is that we want to provide each disease with a single point of contact; someone that lives with the disease or a parent/friend of someone with the disease that understands the ins and outs of the diagnosis.


      • STEP 1: Go to our AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE page to see the diseases still needed support.
      • STEP 2: If you have identified that one of the available diseases matches with your diganosis or one that you are very familiar with, then please complete the application by clicking the link below.
      • STEP 3: Attend one of our monthly video calls with Aimee, the Autoimmune Sisters founder to discuss the role of this position more thoroughly.